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Listener No 4633, Cool Places Only: A Setter‘s Blog by Ares

Posted by Listen With Others on 6 December 2020

The inspiration for this crossword came from two things that happened on the same day:

  • mis-hitting the key board and my autocorrect producing a real word by omitting a ‘b’;
  • reading an article on colony collapse disorder, realising that title was effectively an instruction to make an anagram from ‘colony collapse’.

I then set to work finding as many b-containing words that I could which became real words without the b. The list was longer that I’d expected but it was too constraining to have every answer coming from that list. So I decided to mix and match between clues and answers. However, I was unable to ensure every single clue/answer was affected but fortunately the editors were able to adapt the few that didn’t — my clue-writing is, I fear, still in its infancy.

The idea for producing APIS within the final grid was to make the point that, by making a change, we can still ensure there are bees about.

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