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Listener No 4641: Continental Drift by Opsimath

Posted by Dave Hennings on 29 Jan 2021

The third Listener from Opsimath this week, his previous being a mixture of Greek and Latin letters in last year’s Polygram. Quite a big grid presented itself here, being 16×11. Misprints in the definition of all clues would give us a hint to the theme plus an instruction to follow to reveal the “scope of the endeavour”.

The title reminded me of Phi’s Listener from ten years ago with its tectonic plate theme, not to mention Shark’s from 2012 titled, erm… Continental Drift!

Clues were fairly straightforward, and it was nice to see a few H and G misprint corrections bunched up in the middle of the across clues. That almost certainly hinted at their being some shading required at the end. However, the other corrections were a bit sporadic and I needed most of the grid to be completed before everything was fully revealed.

My favourite clues were probably 10dn Vaulted vertices of church round every window (4) (Vaulted/Vaunted) for CREW and 19ac Groat may buy this drink under the table, viz sit low (9) giving SLIVOWITZ — if only alcohol were really that cheap (Groat/Croat)!

So the corrections spelt out Lewis and Clerk and Highlight one mountain range and three rivers. It didn’t take long to google the pair, highlight the ROCKIES and the OHIO, MISSOURI and COLUMBIA and finally change the bottom row to give CORPS OF DISCOVERY.

Thanks, Opsimath.


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