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Listener No 4642, Music Box by tnap

Posted by Dave Hennings on 5 Feb 2021

Last year’s tnap offering was all about US Army division nicknames with a bit of maths thrown in for good measure. Before that, we had Einstein’s “Raffiniert ist der Herrgott, aber boshaft ist er nicht”. This week, a circular grid with a musical theme.

Click on image to go to Adam’s Music Box

Before I go any further, I should mention this week’s guest animation from Adam Vellender which you can link to and listen to by clicking the image on the right. Many thanks to him for clarifying this puzzle’s theme (no pun intended).

On with the puzzle, and I don’t think I’m giving too much away if I say that I found this quite a challenge. All the radial clues were five letters, but one got ditched and the others got jumbled. Where to start? Well the ring clues were normal, so that’s where.

3 Aloofness shown by sleepy creatures neglecting bedroom (3) looked like it should be ICE with BR for bedroom missing from something. I was about to move on to the next clue when DORMICE – DORM came to mind and three letters got slotted into the grid. 29 came next with KIB(e) in SUMS for SKI BUMS — I don’t think I’ve ever come across them in a crossword before.

31 He’s after Kate’s sister or he’s into Dotty (9) with its obvious reference to The Taming of the Shrew and HORTENSIO was soon discovered. A sudden rush to the end of the ring clues gave RUGGY and GIP, and a grand total of 27 cells filled… exactly a quarter of the grid!

The radials of course were a different thing altogether. A lot of pencilling in of answers. RATOO, NIMBI, SEGNO and ASCUS started everything off nicely. After that, things slowed down, although Spike and Harry at 13 led to the GOONS. [The Goon Show is available in the UK on BBC Radio 4 Extra, with some of the episodes produced by Charles Chilton, he of Journey into Space fame — currently available in the UK on BBC Radio 4 Extra! But I digress….]

Once the grid had a light dusting of possible entries, it was a case of working my way round the grid, using the radial clues to slowly identify the missing ring entries. Getting FOSSILISES and UGGING certainly helped, as did GUIRO which I should have got earlier but didn’t because I failed to think of GIRO as a banking system.

It looked as though HAWTHORN might be lurking in the unclued ring together with MOSS before it, but they didn’t really help with much at this stage. Hats off to anyone who got 11-Ring early on in the solve: My Scottish cousin’s first dealing with chemistry, for example (10) leading to CONSCIENCE [C(ousin) + ON + SCIENCE, an expression of surprise north of the border].

And so, after a very long solve, the grid was complete with the unclued ring revealing MOSS, HAWTHORN, LOQUAT & REMONTANT, all roses, and the dropped letters from the Radials Atishoo, atishoo, we all fall down.

Favourite clue was 6-Ring One put up at Chrissie’s regularly does cocaine (6) which had nothing to do with, for example, Christine Keeler, but Australian Christmas DECCIE.

So the tune was Ring a Ring o’ Roses, supposedly about the Great Plague, but certainly a children’s nursery rhyme (here in the UK at least). All that was required was to find the “pegs” in the grid that would play the tune. Well… were the pegs the letter I? Unlikely as there weren’t enough of them. How about the letter O? That didn’t work either. Eventually, after about 20 minutes, all the Gs and Cs pointed me in the right direction.

I pottered over to one of the piano keyboard sites and played all the Gs, Cs, As and Bs. I can’t really say it sounded like what we sang as kids, but it was near enough for me to be happy that I got there. Wiki indicates that there are a number of variations of the tune.

Good fun, thanks, tnap. And thanks again to Adam for his animation.


3 Responses to “Listener No 4642, Music Box by tnap”

  1. Encota said

    Fabulous animation – thanks Dave and Adam!

  2. Phil R said

    First time I have commented here, oh the shame

    Great blogs everyone and chapeau to Adam for that top quality animation. Wow!!!

  3. John Nick said

    Terrific puzzle worthy of the brilliant animation.

    Thanks for the blogs, always enjoy reading them.

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