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Two Names by Deuce

Posted by shirleycurran on 2 Apr 2021

The other Numpty is almost half way through solving the clues of Deuce’s Two Names while I am still busy colour coding clues to match entry lengths and highlighting the 7 slots for the unclued entries. It is rather amusing, later, to see how the clue numbers give us a taxonomic order. I have just finished Bill Bryson’s A Short History of Nearly Everything (brilliant bedtime reading!) and he goes into great detail about the taxonomic disorder of current nomenclature, but his names for our lot were a great help as, when we had ANIMALIA, CHORDATA and MAMMALIA, we could slot in PRIMATES, HOMINIDAE and HOMO SAPIENS.

But I am leaping ahead. We haven’t seen much of Deuce in the Listener series. Does he qualify for the elite setters’ oenophile outfit? I am a third of the way through my scan of the clues before finding a decisive “yes”. ‘Sway twice after [neatly] lapping head of ale (4) (we later use the NE of NEatly to give us part of GENESIS TWO TWENTY but there is enough left in the clue to give us BIS around the ‘head of ale – A = BIAS. Well, if Deuce is lapping that head of ale, Cheers!

We are happily able to spot a monastery, ‘Monastery farm in Midi in dire aerial [assault] (9)’ We anagram AERIAL around MAS (that old chestnut for setters), and LAMASERAI fills the clued nine-letter slot. ‘This [stocking] dresses the tail? Nae! (7, two words)’ gives us another useful anagram for TILE HAT filling one of the three remaining seven-letter slots and our grid fill is underway.

Our very last entry causes us some head-scratching then earns a smile. ‘Internally burn inside of pan having more [two] down (7)’ We put (b)UR(n) into a FRIER and get FURRIER – having more down. Nice!

It doesn’t take TEA long to tell us that CURSE/ LIANA/ L/ N unjumbles to CARL LINNAEUS. I wonder why Deuce didn’t require us to write that below the grid, so that he could have retained all real words.

Those pairs of letters now tell us that HE IS LIKE THE PROTAGONIST OF GENESIS TWO TWENTY. Well, that was Adam wasn’t it? At the end of the verse, God is wanting to give Adam a partner in his naming of all the beasts and so on, on earth, so we look for one of Linnaeus’ partners in the grid A NAME TO CONJOIN AS IN THE CLOSE OF THE PASSAGE – and there she is, his EVE, reversed at the foot of the grid: SARA MORAEA. Thank you Deuce. Very nice!


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