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L4651: ‘That’s Your Lot!’ by Ploy

Posted by Encota on 9 Apr 2021

The Preamble quickly tells us this puzzle is about songs and music. 1ac’s answer STEELY obviously points to the band STEELY DAN and, sure enough, there is DAN hiding in the middle of 2d to confirm that.

But are we interested in Singles or Albums? 1d’s (serum)ALBUM(in) soon clears that one up. But now what? Am I getting warmer?

There’s clearly something going on in 4 adjacent cells in Columns 4 and 9. But what STEELY DAN album fits (4,4)? A quick bit of Googling and there it is – KATY LIED. So we need to replace those letters with KATY LIED. I haven’t read the Preamble too carefully but that must surely be what all that ‘replace 4 letters’ stuff means.

That just leaves the (7,5) requirement of the bottom Row. What can it be? Is there a (7,5) STEELY DAN album? Over to Auntie Google and yes, there it is – PRETZEL LOGIC.

That just leaves the Title, “That’s Your Lot!” to be unravelled. What does that have to do with STEELY DAN? Checking the Discography and, sure enough, it must be referring to their 2003 final studio album – EVERYTHING MUST GO. Neat!

Easy this week. Must get on with the Listener ‘Dinner’ Quiz now, else I’d have had time to check it a bit more thoroughly 😉


Tim / Encota


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