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Crossword No 4654 from Romulus’s Brother

Posted by Dave Hennings on 30 Apr 2021

Outwardly no prior outing for today’s compiler, so probably novice, although possibly some other pseudonym for previously known author. Crossword-wise, no across or down separation nor allusion to dictionary choice — no doubt mandatory for some lipogrammatic composition.

Correct — no O! Straightforward solve followed for your blogger’s recreation.

So another outing for Tolkien’s notable Lord oeuvre, providing framework for FRODO, BILBO, not forgetting GOLLUM, totally removed for complete solution.

Nothing more to contribute from your blogger, so appreciation to compiler. However, apologies, no overly noteworthy animation for your enjoyment.

[Enough for now! Editor.]


3 Responses to “Crossword No 4654 from Romulus’s Brother”

  1. Steve Tregidgo said


  2. Ifor said

    “Good God” (or some other bon mot) could conceivably form another, more appropriate, ejaculation. Avoidance of normal animation formally noted, of course.

  3. Steve Tregidgo said

    My “blimey” is thin – this entry deserves an addendum. I had utterly failed in realising the puzzle’s preamble was unsullied by the fifteenth English letter, and I marvel at the fact that they’ve all turned up here, necessitating their being emitted with such frequency in each sub-unit of each sentence. A terrific achievement; circular grapheme balance at last!

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