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L4654: ‘Unicycle’ by Remus

Posted by Encota on 30 Apr 2021

It seems to have been non-stop puzzling recently – and for me to say that is really saying something! 

Last week’s mention by Simon Anthony and Mark Goodliffe on their Cracking The Cryptic youtube channel about someone called Marge and her request for help with her Grandfather’s Will was just the sort of puzzle hunt I couldn’t resist. Apparently, instead of the document she expected, the envelope contained a sudoku. So she contacted CTC and its followers to see if we could help. If you like online puzzle hunts, or have never tried one but are intrigued, then you may wish to give it a try.

Combining that with other puzzle hunts, regular solving and commissioned setting has made it a busy time all round. And then, to cap it all, May’s Magpie magazine appears the night before last with a Grade E from Sabre, one of my favourite setters. That one is still WIP but I am loving it!

Anyway, where was I? Ah yes, this week’s featured puzzle ‘Unicycle’ by Remus. The clues were generally very gentle and I polished this one off by early Friday evening. As regular readers will know I am not the fastest of solvers but I usually get there! The grid layout itself was very neat – featuring THE ONE RING at its centre and wearers FRODO, BILBO and GOLLUM would have all made an appearance in the final grid if they hadn’t been made invisible. 

Here is my attempt: 


I did wonder slightly, with ADD CUT in the centre whether a previous version of the puzzle asked the solver to cut this piece out. It wasn’t asked for in the Preamble though, so I’ve left it in.

Hidden letters spelt out ISILDUR’S BANE – another strong pointer!

Great fun – thanks Remus!

Finally, if you are one of the people who noticed the offer of LISTENER STATISTICS at the bottom of recent puzzles but haven’t yet taken up the offer, can I recommend that you do so!? This is perhaps one of the most amazing features of the L crossword, the offer of personalised stats on how you did over the past year!

Cheers all!

Tim / Encota


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