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Unicycle by Remus

Posted by shirleycurran on 30 Apr 2021

Remus? A new setter? Maybe a veteran with a new name? We gaze at the grid that’s lacking full clue numbers and light dawns. (Rather a giveaway wasn’t it!) There’s a letter missing! We see that letter in a few clues but always where there is a misprint that will be replaced by a different letter. Pretty clever, wasn’t it?

But can Remus be a future member in the Listener Setters’ Tippling Set-up? Yes with a vengeance! ‘Grape skin’s aged by this (3)’ gives UV-A. F[i]x I mark, usually in red (5)’ gives us the first ‘red’ (BIND + I = BINDI). Further ‘red’ in ‘Eminent Red Square cathedral’s eastern tip recalled (5)’ We reverse NINE + (cathedra)L, getting LENIN, an eminent red. Red everywhere! ‘Unlimited wine experience in Perth (4)’ (C)LARE(T) gives LARE. Maybe we’ll have the next Listener dinner in Perth then with unlimited wine – might be just the thing! Cheers Remus, anyway, we must celebrate this brilliant debut in the bar.

‘The item’s effect must be reflected wherever else it is represented in the grid by blanking 16 cells, always leaving valid entries.’ Initially we suspect we must blank that letter whenever it is represented in the grid, but we find a mere six and must have a rethink. “It makes these three characters invisible” says Mr Numpty as he finds and erases the three ring bearers, applying the ring’s effect – 16 blank cells, just what was required.

Even the title makes sense – ‘Unicycle’ – that’s the single ring.

A truly impressive first puzzle (if it is a first). Many thanks, Remus.


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