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Listener 4658 Marxist Doctrines by Charybdis

Posted by gillwinchcombe on 12 Jun 2021

I’ve belatedly returned to blogging after a few hectic weeks on community projects. I thought Marxist Doctrines was a contender for title of the year!

At first, the method of solving seemed similar to the previous week’s Dos, but it proved a lot harder to find the principles – at least, until I realised they probably featured in Chambers so could search in my online dictionary. Reading Charybdis’s blog, I see that’s how he found them too! I must admit I hadn’t thought of pleasure as a principle, except when solving Listener crosswords of course.

Using the Chambers’ search facility enabled me to finish on the Friday night, unusually for me, partly because the clues were relatively easy to solve.

33dn made me smile because of “term of endearment”. 39ac TITRES was crying out to become LITRES or TITLES but turned out to be a red herring. I felt at the time that LUDOVIC might be significant but I can’t see anything in the blog.

Thank you Charybdis for cleverly introducing me to this example of Groucho’s wit.


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