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Listener 4662 Hungry by Android

Posted by gillwinchcombe on 21 Jul 2021

Exquisite! Hungry is a beautifully constructed puzzle, tricky but not frustratingly so, which kept up my interest throughout. Congratulations on producing such a superb crossword, especially as it is your first!

All the clues were elegantly constructed, so it’s hard to choose a favourite but I was impressed by the way you clued DUO DEN UM in 9dn “Two haunt ER where fool [food] meets with bile”. And 44ac “Tesla goes after crazed travel industry” made me smile with sympathy, given the chaos the tour operators are facing. Crazed of course meant something different which added to the enjoyment of solving it.

Thank you for introducing me to (or reminding me of) The Raven in such a rewarding manner; you deserve all the credit that I’m sure has come your way. Good title too!


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