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Listener 4663 Blurred Lines by Skylark

Posted by gillwinchcombe on 21 Jul 2021

I love it when the Listener jolts me out of my comfort zone and enriches my life with new nuggets of learning, and Skylark certainly did this with Blurred Lines. Jazz isn’t my favourite genre, and puzzles which rely on finding the right score to translate into a means of filling or modifying the grid fill me with a certain amount of trepidation! I was right to be cautious – the message was tricky to parse, to say the least, and Garner did not show up in the usual lists of “born during 1921”. I was waylaid by “BY THE RED SEA” which proved to be a red herring, and only got there after a nudge about the date.

I’m very glad, given my lack of musical expertise, that Skylark helpfully set the notes in their appropriate places in the grid. Thank you Skylark for widening my horizons and introducing me to Erroll Garner. I loved only having to write up the thematic cells and am so glad I persevered with the endgame. Thank you!


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