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Listener 4664 Dream Match by Aver

Posted by gillwinchcombe on 21 Jul 2021

For me, Dream Match was an appetising ham sandwich: a succulent grid fill, a meaty challenge to parse the message, and a tasty endgame to complete a very satisfying experience.

My mind was set on resolving the clashes to make 2 new real words, so it took time for the penny to drop that they all produced the letter O- later on, I saw why! I liked the unambiguous finish and applaud Aver for the construction, given all the constraints.

Thank you too Aver for enlightening me about Nine Men’s Morris and its appearance in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. As I said about last week’s puzzle, one of the delights about the Listener crossword is learning something new in hitherto unchartered territory (there is plenty of scope for that in my case).

After following the link in Dave’s blog, I see that James won the Radix Auditorum Jug for the best newcomer. So good to have you on the scene James, and we look forward to your next puzzle!


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