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Listener 4666 Octet

Posted by gillwinchcombe on 2 Aug 2021

Thank you Hedge-sparrow for this charming Octet of British titmice! I’m sure we can accommodate the two “masqueraders”. I grew up in suburban Aylesbury, not too far from your home town of Luton, and like you have many memories of avian visitors to our garden. A highlight was the excitement our family felt when our garden was graced by a pair of marsh tits. They stayed for a number of years I’m delighted to say.

Octet came as a welcome relief after Sabre’s taverna tour and provided hours of gentle (but not too gentle) cerebral exercise. I thought your extra digraphs were very well hidden and my favourite clue was 24d, Raising Cain initially, responded and made a fuss, giving CREATED, which then became CRESTED.

A very enjoyable solve, thanks.


One Response to “Listener 4666 Octet”

  1. Rob Pinnock said

    Dear Gill (and Shirley and Dave, of course), thank you – I’m glad you enjoyed it. Hedge-sparrow.

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