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Listener 4670 Consequence by Ferret

Posted by gillwinchcombe on 14 Sep 2021

Oh dear! I’ve fallen behind again in posting my comments. Apologies for the late arrival of this one.

Well, after some white-knuckle challenges of late it was good to find myself completing the grid within a couple of hours. I eventually spotted CORD and TIE and removed them (I was looking for diagonal “strings” attached to Pinocchio), but then I got stuck. Changing NOSE to NEB – assuming I’ve got it right – is one of those steps which are almost impossible to spot but which look a lot more obvious after the event. I reverse engineered it by pondering what HERESY could become; HEREBY stood out.

I wasn’t quite sure why RADIATION wasn’t RACIATION in the first place, except I guess that it disguised PINOCCHIO. My favourite clue was 18ac – French po(e/r)t’s finally written on collapse of euro – I liked the surface reading and the memories it evoked of a visit to France many moons ago.

I loved Ferret’s earlier puzzle “Moving Up and Down”, perhaps because the 3 tenors and funicular railways have more appeal than Pinocchio. And I look forward to Ferret’s next offering – Italian-themed again perhaps?


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