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Listener 4671 Ours by Xanthippe

Posted by gillwinchcombe on 14 Sep 2021

When I saw the title I half expected a French version of Winnie-the-Pooh. But the only bear of little brain on the scene was me. Some puzzles bring a smile to the solver’s face right from the start, and Ours did that for me. I hope Xanthippe had as much fun hunting for and selecting the homonyms/homophones as I did finding them.

I’ve discovered that WAIST ANCHORS are not braces as I might have thought but real anchors – who knew that ships had waists? Well, a lot of people possibly, but not me. And I’m delighted to have been introduced to the delectable SCISSIPARITY. Even more, I’m glad that your writers were not Listener setters but were relatively easy to find with Google. Thank you for introducing me to De la Mare’s atmospheric poem, though I think I’ll pass on James E Gunn’s book for now as I’m not a sci-fi addict.

I finally figured out the title (I think) – Ours as in “one of ours”. Ours was a lovely interlude in what has been at times a clamour of challenging crosswords. Thanks Xanthippe,


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