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Listener 4673 Chessboard Carte Blanche by Hedgehog

Posted by gillwinchcombe on 14 Sep 2021

This week I didn’t so much misinterpret the title as misread it, and had a Cheeseboard Carte Blanche until the preamble set me straight. A future puzzle perhaps?

I continued my lamentable lack of concentration by failing to read, or in this case interpret, the rubric! How much easier it became an hour later when – after a not-so-gentle prompt from my other half, who was well into it by that time, to READ THE RUBRIC – I realised that every answer had to have alternating parity. From that point forward I didn’t need to collaborate with Cliff on Chessboard Carte Blanche but enjoyed the experience of solving it with nothing more than a googled shortlist of 4-digit Fibonacci numbers and a simple calculator. He had already completed it by then, and once I realised I’d missed a possibility for e and had set off on a wrong track, I followed fairly quickly behind.

I think the credit must go to Hedgehog for creating such an enjoyable puzzle that led us logically from one answer to the next – I do hope the setting wasn’t too arduous. At the very least, Hedgehog has the pleasure of a having created a lovely piece of craftsmanship using what, for me, is a new theme. He’s also provided a welcome introduction to numericals for those who normally shy away from them. Thanks Hedgehog!


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