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Listener 4674 Elusive Figures by Poat

Posted by gillwinchcombe on 18 Sep 2021

Stupendous construction! The endgame was ridiculously difficult for those of us fixated with Google Drive and EULER/GÖDEL/BACH but probably not as challenging as constructing Elusive Figures in the first place!

I hope this erases any lingering negative leporine thoughts because it deserves heaps of plaudits for its nicely judged clues as well as the superb construction. My favourite clues on this occasion were those for 6ac VILLAGE IDIOT (which is how I felt for most of the endgame) and 31dn, TURPETH. On the other hand, 20dn seemed open to more than one wordplay but TACE was the answer I arrived at, so I don’t mind how I got there.

I spent a long time looking for AXE and SAW and even longer led up the garden path by EULER (the L or more correctly T was unclued). Google Drive’s logo was a similar distraction!

Thank you Poat for a real cracker – hope it gets a pot at POTY.


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