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1 41 6:10 by Colleague

Posted by shirleycurran on 5 Nov 2021

The unusual, highly unsymmetrical grid and the even more unusual title struck us at once and we wondered whether those digits were a reference, somehow, to a biblical text. However, we shelved that idea for the time being, as I had to confirm that Colleague retain their right of admission to the Listener Setters’ Oenophile Outfit.

‘Early sweets are from sillabub, toffy, nuts (8)’ Well, that anagrammed to a new word for me ‘LULIBUBS’ but Chambers tells me that sillabub is a dish of cream, cudled (e.g. with wine) and frothed up. (I suspect the Scots’ Atholl brose is preferable) but that was a good start for Colleague, anyway. ‘Glaswegian drunk resident in Bayswater (3)’ simply gave us WAT (hidden) and before long they were mixing the red and white, ‘Flower shaft with head of red and white (9, two words)’. We used our local word for a shaft, TIGE with R(ed) and LILY to get TIGER LILY.

Not surprisingly there were some empty bottles: ‘Tailor amended empty bottles (7, two words)’. We ‘tailored’ amended to get DEAD MEN. Well, Cheers, Colleague!

Rivers were appearing all over and had us wondering. We found the TEIGN, the CLWYD and the DEE (surrounding BY in ‘Physicist whose unit is in reserve in river (5)’ but the grid filled steadily and soon we were gazing at five empty barred-off cells and ?BIRD which had to be the answer that was entered partly symbolically (a six-letter symbol had to complete that word).

It took a dinner-break to awaken me to the fact that the 41 in the title referred to the Book of ‘Timothy’ – St Paul’s Epistle – and Google told me that ‘The love of money is the root of all evil’ (I suspect that alcohol – all those empty bottles – contributes to some of the evil but I suppose I have to take St Paul’s word for it).

The evil was evident in the grid. We had noticed the HARM, UNFORTUNATE, IMMORAL, DISEASE and BALE but I had a struggle to spot the MONEY that had to go into those five barred-off cells. I needed Mrs Bradford to give me YELLOWBOY, LILANGENI, CENTESIMO and DANDYPRAT (Yes, there was Colleague’s clever way of avoiding ambiguity there). BAHAMIAN $ had to be the other coin and Chambers confirmed that a DOLLARBIRD exists, so all that was left to do was to colour those coins. This was a gentle relief after the battles with the Enigmatist and Shark compilations. Many thanks, Colleague.


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