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L4684: ‘Excess’ by Aedites

Posted by Encota on 26 Nov 2021

Thank you to Aedites for a well-constructed puzzle.  I did wonder if it had been created especially for one of my fellow Listen With Others bloggers – what with the appearance of Patagonian hares and, well, an appearance of ‘one or two’ alcoholic drinks! COGNAC, CHARTREUSE, MARASCHINO, SHERRY, PURL, GIN SLING, SANGAREE, GRAPPA, MAHWA & ASTI all feature in the clues without definitions and, in order, their clues start with the letters A-L-C-O-H-O-L-I-S-M.

For me this puzzle had the added bonus that it became the first Listener that one of my 20-something year-old sons ever solved, with only a gentle bit of support from me here and there.  Maybe I will be able to pass my love of the Listener on to the next generation in time – who knows!  [He has since solved the 4679 Opsimath puzzle from a few weeks back too!!] 

In summary, what an enjoyable puzzle.   My thanks again to Aedites.

Cheers all,

Tim / Encota


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