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L4687: ‘Best Practice’ by Ares

Posted by Encota on 17 Dec 2021

First of all, my thanks go to Ares for a fun puzzle.  I particularly liked the multiple BP references throughout. My initially filled rough grid looked like this:

With the help of Chambers I filled in the grid fairly quickly and fortunately guessed that the endgame’s BP just might be Baden-Powell.  And I think I found the right reference with:

‘What you should leave behind:

1. Nothing
2. YOUR THANKS, to God for the good time and to the owner of the land’

The only potential remaining issue to resolve now was the Preamble’s “to be carried out literally in the grid, involving ten cells”.  With there being 144 cells in the grid, does this mean only alter 10 of them?   Or alter (through deletion) all 144 to leave nothing and then put the ten of YOUR THANKS in columns 4 and 8 back into place?

After wondering if my bp was beginning to rise excessively, I decided to stay calm and go with leaving nothing in the grid but YOUR THANKS.

In summary, a well-created puzzle.   My thanks again to Ares.

Cheers & stay safe,

Tim / Encota


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