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Listener No 4687, Best Practice: A Setter’s Blog by Ares

Posted by Listen With Others on 19 Dec 2021

I cannot remember where the inspiration came for this one as I wrote it some time ago but I think it was when a previous crossword had us erasing letters to reveal something. Around the same time, I assume I was debriefing a Scouter about a camp and the two ideas coincided in my mind.

When I was a Scout, my Scout Leader was a stickler for following B-P’s teachings (he even made us read Scouting for Boys when we became Patrol Leaders) and had a special routine to make sure we did leave nothing but our thanks at the end of camp. We all had to line up and walk slowly up and down the site three times picking up every single bit of litter we could see. He’d walk behind and woe betide anyone who walked past something he spotted!

In hindsight, I wish I’d included more red herrings (eg Boiling Point, Blood Pressure) but it’s a bit late now for that!


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