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Listener 4696 Mint Sauce by Stick Insect

Posted by gillwinchcombe on 20 Feb 2022

I love the title – coining pert language! Great puzzle too!

I didn’t twig the theme straight away, even when Quinapalus had given me a few of the coined words, so Mint Sauce provided a steady challenge throughout. The anagram + extra letter construct really worked for me, taxing my grey cells but not to the point of frustration. I enjoyed deriving the message, and Quinapalus again helped me identify some of the trickier coinages. What brought  a real smile to my face though was discovering that the thematic clues were anagrams of the answer plus the moneyer. Congratulations on achieving such good surface readings for these clues! My favourites were 41ac “Player managers phoned in sick” just for raising a smile, and 31dn, Error is a mistranslation for making sense out of the letters of STRINE ALASTAIR MORRISON.

Idn “Underarm made dirty, money spent going after doctor” had me foxed, mainly because Underarm cried out to be the key word in the clue, and “dirty” begged to become “tidy” (I knew the extra letter was an R), especially as I knew the entry started DR for doctor. But no, “underarm” became “manured”, MESSED lost its M to follow DR, and it all made sense eventually!

Thanks Stick Insect for an original, beautifully paced and very enjoyable puzzle.


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