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Listener Annual Awards for 2021

Posted by Listen With Others on 30 Mar 2022

For those of you who missed Saturday night’s Listener Awards, here are the winners:

Ascot Gold Cup for the best puzzle: Manhunt by Shark (Darren Roberts)

Solver Silver Salver for the longest all-correct run and not won before: David Giles with 131 correct (Peter Blayney still in front overall with 261 correct)

Radix Auditorum Jug for the best newcomers: Abigail Royal & Nick Butler

Here is a run-down of the top ten puzzles as voted on by the all-correct solvers for the year:

  1. Manhunt by Shark
  2. Elusive Figures by Poat
  3. Variety Show by Enigmatist
  4. Hungry by Android
  5. Dice Nets by Arden
  6. Impossible Construction by Serpent
  7. Co-star by Lysander
  8. Nostimus by Sabre
  9. Music Box by tnap
  10. Harry East by Lath

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