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Listener Crossword 4704   Movement by Craft

Posted by gillwinchcombe on 17 Apr 2022

Another new setter name – how lovely! I enjoyed the timely Movement with its thoughtful and original clues and its generous sprinkling of thematic material. I also enjoyed exploring the history of British Summer Time – something I’d rather taken for granted while wishing we could stay one hour forward all year!

Some misprints were very well hidden, but 1ac, “One residing in country, making wire basket” deserves a special mention for sending me on a wild goose chase after fire baskets and even wine baskets, until the emergent message confirmed GABION. I have learned a new word.

Other clues which raised a smile include 32dn “See inside upturned rice cake” (ÉCLAIR) for its neat juxtaposition of rice and cake; and 34dn “Use machine to hoist half of rifle” (WINCH) – good spot!

Getting the message helped me to solve some of the more recalcitrant clues, and well done Craft for setting up the GREENWICH MEAN / BRITISH SUMMER substitution. A very satisfying puzzle thanks, and I hope Craft is crafting another one.


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