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Listener Crossword 4706   Pedestrian Destination by eXternal

Posted by gillwinchcombe on 16 May 2022

Oh, eXternal, you’ve started something now! I had relinquished all hopes of walking to Machu Picchu but on doing some background reading for this puzzle I discover that octogenarians are managing to complete the trail. Maybe a 70th birthday treat. Or maybe not; I really enjoyed walking St Cuthbert’s Way last week with its gloriously varied scenery, but I suspect it hardly compares with the Inca Trail in terms of gradient, altitude, or my bugbear, heat.

Back to Pedestrian Destination: what an amazing construction! To create words capable of multiple alterations while spelling out LAKE TITICACA and THE INCA TRAIL is a worthy feat. Pedestrian Destination was an interesting, challenging and very  rewarding journey, with a delightful ending – an excellent if somewhat easier metaphor for the Inca trail itself I imagine – do let me know what it’s like.

The dropped letters were nicely disguised, and two clues stood out for me:

14ac “Pass water diviner, ignoring splendid fellow” (PEER) for contriving to clue R in such a way as to juxtapose water and diviner; and

32ac “One might turn red and scream blue murder, losing scrambled broadcast” (REMUEUR) for devising such a clever anagram.

Thanks very much eXternal for this delightful puzzle.


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