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Sequences by Elap

Posted by shirleycurran on 10 Jun 2022

Oh dear, the numerical! I generally opt out until it is time to check the final grid entries of the other Numpty. On this occasion it was a question of colour-coding the sequences when, with a full initial grid, the sequences had to be worked out.

The message TRY SUMMING A POWER OF EACH had led to attempting to produce sequences by using the power of three, then the power of four, then of five – they had to use ‘a different parameter’ – and we reached the ‘last number’ of each sequence when the number repeated itself as 371, 8208, 54748 for the three sequences.

So I produced a pretty grid with a colour for each of the sequences (but, of course, had to write another as there was that last requirement to highlight the starting numbers of the ‘other two sequences’. We knew that one started with 14dn, which was 493, so had to highlight 845 and 472).

What did I forget? Ah, the alcohol. Does Elap still qualify for the Listener Setters’ Oenophile Outfit? Tomorrow we go to the annual wine festival in a little Swiss village, Peissy, on the outskirts of Geneva and we’ll be tasting the PRIME wines – the ‘primeurs’ of the Domaine des Charmes (owned by old students of mine). I think all those ‘PRIMES’ (four) in Elap’s clues and the ‘MORE’ just about qualify him, so “Cheers, Elap!”


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