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Listener Crossword 4712 Sequences by Elap

Posted by gillwinchcombe on 16 Jun 2022

What an amazing puzzle on every level. I wish there were a POTY (or maybe Puzzle of the Decade) for numericals because this would be a strong contender. And after reading Elap’s blog I’m even more in awe of the ingenuity, attention to detail and sheer doggedness that went into it – the thought of trying  425,396 grids before hitting on the one and only successful one is gently blowing my mind. Yes, I know it was the computer that was toiling away, rather than Elap, but Elap was the brains behind it.

Its astounding construction apart, there was much I found pleasing about Sequences:

  • The rubric was long but clear, sufficient and helpful
  • For once, I solved all the algebraic expressions without having to backtrack and correct errors
  • The message provided the pdm to solve the sequences
  • It was blindingly obvious where each sequence ended (the start was less obvious but I have used all the entries, so I hope I’ve started in the right place)
  • There was no or minimal redundant information

And all that was before I read about the narcissistic numbers and Elap’s carefully hidden clue – albeit hiding in plain sight.

I needed more than 10 sides of A4 to solve Sequences, but that’s fine because I’m logical and careful. It was paper and ink well spent. Thank you Elap for a great, rewarding numerical.


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