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Listener No 4713, Telstar: A Setter’s Blog by The Don

Posted by Listen With Others on 21 Jun 2022

This was my debut as a setter other than as a schoolboy and, more recently, as a junior partner to David Giles (Ottorino) who invited me to help with a Listener (No. 4579, Skywriting, with its Nevil Shute quote) about 2 years ago. I think that would have been my lot had the pandemic not arrived to provide me with a lot of time to devote to something and it was David who urged me to have a go myself, although he did hold my hand all the way.

I had read the subject book after seeing the Peter O’Toole film in the early 60’s and the title had stayed with me — ideal for a thematic crossword.

It took a long time to get to the finish line with the puzzle and I see with hindsight the flaws in it but by the time I had produced a grid that worked and written the clues I was keen to get it submitted so apologies to anyone who thinks it in any way unsatisfactory. I must thank my friend and mentor Shirley (Chalicea) for all her invaluable help and advice during the process.

Hope you enjoyed it.



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