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Listener Crossword 4715 Singles Only by Twin

Posted by gillwinchcombe on 4 Jul 2022

I emerged from completing Singles Only with a strong feeling of relief, a spinning head, and a sense of awe at the cosmic intellect that it must have taken to set it. For the first time ever, I was too exhausted to find apt words for my feedback to Twin.

Not every tough puzzle is fun to solve, but this superb multi-stager, which very nearly defeated me, was worth the effort, even if I did feel like I imagine a Royal Marine Commando feels when she has completed a particularly arduous training course. I was up against the clock too, having to finish it before I left for our holiday in Pembrokeshire.

I won’t go into every gruelling step of the solving process – you’ll get more from reading Chalicea’s, Dave’s and Vagans’ blogs plus the excellent one from Twin himself – but just to say thank you to the setter and I hope Singles Only is considered for POTY.


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