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Listener Crossword 4716 Venation by The Ace of Hearts

Posted by gillwinchcombe on 16 Jul 2022

I was delighted to see Venation last week, partly because I really enjoy TAoH’s circular puzzles and partly because I was spending a wonderful week in west Wales, where (for once) the sunshine outdid the wifi reception. The clues were pitched perfectly for a steady solve, and I’m pleased to say that I completed it without most of my usual aids, just leaving me to check garran/GARRON in Chamber’s when I got home.

I thought TAoH’s depiction of the deer encircled by the men was very graphic, if somewhat sad. Fortunately, on Ramsey Island the beautiful red deer were freer to roam despite all the visitors.

I was intrigued by the title – at first I thought it referred to the platinum jubilee – VENerATION – reverence, respect and not a little worship, whilst (largely) missing Her Majesty. I then assumed it was intended to reference the structure of the radial answers. Now I’ve seen Vagans’ and others’ blogs I realise it has another meaning to do with hunting, which appears to be missing from my aging Chambers CD.

Thanks to The Ace of Hearts for another fine circular, thankfully less tough than Clothes-Line & Disco Lovers (and a breathing space between Twin’s and Somniloquist’s stinkers,); I hope the next one is rolling off the press!


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