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Listener Crossword 4719   What’s My Line? by Hawk

Posted by gillwinchcombe on 22 Aug 2022

Once again, I’ve slipped behind with posting – this time it’s because I’ve just spent an amazing 2+ weeks in Colombia, visiting a friend. Beautiful country, lovely people and very unspoilt. It felt quite safe, too.

Every now and again a Listener crossword provides an extra touch, taking it above its well-formed clues, nicely-judged pace of emerging solution and neat construction. What’s My Line did this for me by taking me back to summer afternoons at junior school, fascinated at how straight lines could create a perfect curve as I stitched patterns of increasing complexity. I didn’t know until now that they were called Bézier curves, but I recall a French connection, I guess because mine resembled mini Eiffel towers.

As well as a very satisfying end result, a number of clues raised a smile on the way. Three of these were 32ac, OBA, “Chief takes part in libation (lobation)” for its pre-changed surface reading; 9dn ELUANT/ELUENT “Ejecting regulars, sell pub, as not solvent” for being sadly relevant today, and 22dn CHOPINS “Party insurance supporting opening of coconut shies” for the coconut shies.

So thank you Hawk for rekindling pleasant memories of curve-stitching aged 9, and for producing a puzzle with a pleasing and unambiguous end result with the nice CADCAM touch. I like the title too!


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