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Listener Crossword 4720 Mute Stop by Llig

Posted by gillwinchcombe on 22 Aug 2022

What a lovely gentle introduction to Schubert, Heine and the Schwanengesang. Such a relief from the tribulations of Somnambulist’s Unruly Characters and trying to corral them towards their fiery end.

I liked the musical thread through all the clues, which eventually pointed me away from chess (I got FISCHER early on and was looking for Spassky for quite a while) and towards the songs. My favourite clue was 38dn, WOVEN, “Subtly introduced with Beethoven’s sixth to ninth”

I think there is more to Mute Stop than meets my non-musical eye. Now that I’m back from Colombia and more recently from Preston, and now that the weather has cooled down I shall return to it for another look. When I was solving it 36C was too warm for anything apart from a long cold drink!

Thanks again to Llig, I just wish I started solving sooner and captured more of Llig’s puzzles – I only go back to his/her Rock Group (L4474) which was almost 5 years ago.


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