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Faux Pas by Tringa

Posted by shirleycurran on 26 Aug 2022

There were the usual grumps from the other Numpty when we saw that not only were there two down clues side by side with either being clued first, but also that we were going to encounter nineteen clashes – with a somewhat complex explanation of how we were to resolve those to avoid a ‘Faux Pas’.

Surprisingly, our very first entry was ACAI and BEER – Saccharin regularly used in purple fruit – and – drink, healthier but not alcohol free (4). We removed the TT from BETTER to get the BEER. The regular letters giving ACAI is a crossword chestnut isn’t it? That left us in no doubt that Tringa retains his access to the Listener Setters’ Elitist Oenophiles. Cheers, Tringa!

Fortunately the clues were generous and our grid was soon sporting a rather surprising HONITON and AXMINSTER to go with that BEER – aren’t they all towns in Devon? When we had BUGLE, MULLION and LIZARD – places in Cornwall, there was a penny-drop-moment. Vismut produced an IQ crossword on this theme just about a year ago. Could that be THE RIVER TAMAR as the frontier between the two counties that have an ongoing quarrel about the order we have to put the jam and cream on the scones. (Up in the Yorkshire Dales we have none of that sort of trivial fuss – we just slap the lot on in any order and wolf down the result!)

Sorting out the clashes was not difficult and we didn’t really need all the help we were given once we had put the CREAM on top in Cornwall. Thanks, Tringa for a bit of fun!


2 Responses to “Faux Pas by Tringa”

  1. Dave Russell said

    4724 closing date is 25th – faux pas indeed!

  2. shirleycurran said

    Many thanks for telling me about my own faux pas – I have managed to move it and, fortunately, the closing date was past. Double damn.

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