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Listener 4723   Faux Pas by Tringa

Posted by gillwinchcombe on 26 Aug 2022

Thank you Tringa for a Listener with a truly laugh out loud punchline!

What a joy to navigate the down clues and spot the 3 Devon towns – I had visited or at least come across all 3 of them. I then enlisted the help of a Devonian friend to hunt for the remaining 3, before twigging eventually that the central column is the dividing geographical feature and Lizard is the first of the 3 “rival” locations. Mullion was familiar to me but Bugle needed checking in Wikipedia. Then came the pdm – switch jam and cream to avoid Tringa’s faux pas and the potential outbreak of internecine World War 3.

As a bonus, 1dn ACAI reminded me of the delicious acai-based dessert I’d been eating only the week before, in Colombia. It was then I learned how to pronounce ACAI (ass–a–ee).

I would be very contented to see more examples of a well-constructed, nicely-clued and humorous puzzle with an amusing endgame like Tringa’s, and look forward to his/her next offering.

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