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Listener 4727 Not Again! by Dysart

Posted by gillwinchcombe on 7 Oct 2022

I chuckled when I saw the title, which would have been would heartily endorsed by my father. He would get quite annoyed when people inserted “again” into “Play it Sam”. Mind, he also got cross when old Sherlock Holmes films – we’re talking Basil Rathbone era here – showed post-war triangular “no smoking” signs on pre-war railway carriages instead of elliptical ones – or perhaps it was the other way round!

Anyway, enough of my father. Not Again! provided me with much enjoyment in solving the (quite tricky) clues and finding the extra letters. Luckily the message was relatively easy to find on the internet, because I’d never heard of the quote or its author. The reference to Kiss Kiss brought back great memories of reading it in my first year at uni. What a fun – if somewhat disturbing – book!

I love the way that all 6 symbols give real words with Xs in, and that did lead me to wonder whether I ought to convert the , ? and ! to Xs, but in the end I decided against. I do hope I made the right choice, and am encouraged to see that it’s the same one one that Shirley and Vagans made. Thanks to Dysart for a great puzzle!


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