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Two-four-one by Lysander

Posted by shirleycurran on 14 Oct 2022

What a pleasure to see that we have two for one. A litte grid to fill as our endgame. It doesn’t take us long to see how we are going to find letters to fill that dinky little grid as the other Numpty is solving with such pleasure and at such a rate that I have no time even to check that Lysander retains his place in the Listener oenophile elite. (Though I could see a RED in the completed grid and, of course we used that TEA and almost the last solution we entered was the METHO that we found in Collins. A rather muted “Cheers”, Lysander!)

We were delighted to have no missing or extra letters giving us a message (we so often find those difficult to decipher) and no misprints, jumbles or letters prancing from clue to clue – just a gentle, straight-forward solve with mostly familiar words, and soon we had a full grid and just those letters to put into the tiny grid. BEE, OWE, SEA, TEA, CUE and so-on had appeared as we solved, producing a few smiles, and now I moved them and saw a couple of unusual words SUQ and TOLU, that made it clear where the four symmetrically-placed bars had to go. Great fun: thanks Lysander.


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