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Listener 4730 Two-four-one by Lysander

Posted by gillwinchcombe on 21 Oct 2022

A lovely original puzzle which was pleasing to solve with a neat endgame that wasn’t overtaxing. In fact, my only regret is that it didn’t last longer. It’s not often I finish a Listener by 8.30 on Friday, and I was sad when Two-four-one came to an end.

My favourite clue was 33ac YEST “Forgotten agent of uprising even admits hint of sedition”. If I hadn’t got most of the crossing entries I think I would have gone down a few rabbit holes here.

I’ve just looked you up and see that Anthony is upholding the family tradition of Listener crossword setting! That’s great news, and best wishes for future compilations – hopefully you have another one on the drawing board.

I also see that your previous puzzle needed no fewer than 3 print-outs of the grid, so I should be thankful that Two-four-one (I like the mathematical title) was rather easier to solve!

Thanks, Lysander


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