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Listener 4732 Remembrance by Alchemist

Posted by gillwinchcombe on 31 Oct 2022

Some poems entice you to read them, and some don’t; The Wasteland fell in the second category for me (Eng Lit was never one of my strengths). So I’m delighted that our new setter Alchemist chose it as a theme, for it necessitated reading at least the 4th part – and of course I read it all. It was a sobering reminder of the futility of war, sadly as relevant today as when it was written a century ago.

Solving Remembrance was an altogether more enjoyable experience. I very much like carte blanches when the answers appear in alphabetical order, and gradually teasing out the message helped solve the clues, and vice versa. I’m glad that the message didn’t leap off the page in clue order but needed some work doing to extract it.

PHLEBAS was relatively easy to spot which is another plus for me. All in all a diverting and fun way of spending a weekend thanks Alchemist. I’m looking forward to your new clue/entry method!

NB Elicitations was crying out to be prefixed with an initial F – hope I haven’t missed something there!

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