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Listener 4737 D2 by Eclogue

Posted by gillwinchcombe on 3 Dec 2022

D2 proved a useful exercise in the value of reading the rubric. I came very close to posting my entry with SUN in the centre cell, having jumped to a hasty and erroneous conclusion. I then read that word “initially”. What could I change about SUN? The penny dropped and I replaced it with ART, only to replace it and its neighbours with MOON. A last-minute save, literally. Phew!

D2 was a most enjoyable solve with some nicely hidden extra letters which only emerged with the message. New words made a welcome appearance, such as TAMANU (14ac) and KISAN (15ac), BEALS (11dn) and SALTCAT (28dn).

My favourite clue was 12ac, ANIMAL (Being cuckoo on stage, endlessly), with both the terminal Es of stage and MALE being lopped off – it was my last to parse and is, I think, very clever.

Still trying to figure the title D2, but that’s nothing new … many thanks to Eclipse and Logogriph (a variety of Hippogriff? perhaps not) for a fine workout.


4 Responses to “Listener 4737 D2 by Eclogue”

  1. Brock said

    Re: the title, that was a lovely joke – consider what was in the central square initially and finally

  2. gillwinchcombe said

    D’oh, of course! Who would have thought it …?

  3. Logogriph (half of Eclogue) said

    R2D2 was indeed the intentional joke, but “D2” was also supposed to indicate that the central planet as this an anagram of 2D(own), namely RATHE, which only a few seem to have picked up on. We do try to leave a trail of breadcrumbs where we can!

  4. gillwinchcombe said

    Crumbs! it’s these subtle touches which make Listener puzzles (and one or two others) stand out for me. Thanks, Logogriph!

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