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Listener 4739: Question and Answer by Chalicea

Posted by vaganslistener on 16 Dec 2022

Chalicea of this parish has a real gift for composing elegantly constructed puzzles with good and straightforward clues. Not always of the hardest, but as I’m struggling to keep up with everything at the moment, Thanks Be for that!

Reminder to self: look out for the diagonals. And lo and behold, the theme proved to be the currently ubiquitous Tutankhamun and the message required us to SHADE THE PHAROAH – and there he was very neatly entombed on the said diagonal.

At least this time I did force myself to go back and check that I had inked in the grid correctly, and found that I had indeed put ANYLASE for AMYLASE, which was quickly corrected before putting Mr Green to any trouble. I have seen Chalicea’s neat handwriting for filling in grids and only wish I could do the same. I suppose I can claim to be a Doctor – but Not The Right Sort.

(As we are approaching the festive season I will digress and remind you of the incident on a plane when over the Tannoy can came the request, “Is there a doctor aboard?” The steward looked at his iist and approached Dr Black. “The wrong sort, I’m afraid,” came her answer, until the Tannoy fired up again. “Is there a doctor aboard? A passenger is struggling to complete their dissertation summary and has only 5 minutes left before the deadline.” Dr Black leapt into action and saved the day….

Thanks again Chalicea. I know you’ll keep them coming.


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