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Listener 4739 Question and Answer by Chalicea

Posted by gillwinchcombe on 19 Dec 2022

Thank you Chalicea for this timely reminder of Howard Carter’s discovery! It has set me thinking – our recent holiday to the Nile was cancelled by the travel agent 3 days before we were due to depart in mid-November, because of a “problem with the boat”. The boat bit was genuine, but I’m wondering if the “problem” was that the centenary had caused a spike in demand, and that the owners had accepted a better offer from elsewhere. Just my suspicious mind – we had forgotten about the significance of the date and the discovery of Tut’s tomb.

Question and Answer was a good consolation prize for having missed what I’m sure would have been – and I hope some time in the future will be – a marvellous holiday. it was mildly challenging, which is fine by me, with the occasional “gotcha” like 13dn’s GLASS FIBRE which I had as FIBREGLASS for a long time – rather different and the cause of some confusion.

Very enjoyable thanks Chalicea, as ever with yours, and thanks for your educational blog


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