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Listener 4740 Imperial Age by Stick Insect

Posted by gillwinchcombe on 2 Jan 2023

Imperial Age was great fun, whose ending was matched with accessible and enjoyable clues. I smiled at 14ac “Porpoises smashed looser cans” for its playful definition of OPEN PRISONS as “looser cans”, and in 13ac “Medleys of old praise”, the first 3 words describe the poem beautifully – I don’t know if that was deliberate.

I concur with Jenny Joseph’s sentiments, although I haven’t quite reached the age where I consider myself old – perhaps one never does. Thanks go to Stick Insect for introducing me to her, and thus shining a light on the Red Hat society. A friend at church is a member, and I’d always wondered where it came from – I hadn’t realised it was an international group.

A very enjoyable solve thanks, and giving me a rare opportunity for me to use my purple highlighter!


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