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L4750 ‘I Want You’ by Twin

Posted by Encota on 3 Mar 2023

There are some delightful Bob Dylan references in the clues in L4750, too many to chat through here (though I am tempted!). Every clue, if I understand it well enough! Thanks Twin!

My first solution looked like this.

For me, the only uncertainty was how to interpret ‘frame’. The above ‘seems’ to work, so long as I have cut out the grid first. An alternative might be to remove the grid entirely and replace with the solver’s self-portrait. Actually, that seems to fit the instructions more precisely.

Another alternative would be as the previous but also to submit the cut out grid. No harm in doing that, I suppose.

Hmm. I’ve still two weeks to think it through, though – so I may have changed my mind to a fourth option by then!!

Tim / Encota


One Response to “L4750 ‘I Want You’ by Twin”

  1. TonyG said

    Iwas also a bit worried about just throwing all those answers away! What I ended up doing was, I cut out the completed grid, drew my self-portrait on the back, and stuck it back in with the portrait facing front. (Obviously this only works if you get the puzzle on-line and print it out yourself.)

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