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Listener 4750 I Want You by Twin

Posted by gillwinchcombe on 4 Mar 2023

Big shout out to Twin for this thematically crammed puzzle – I now know more about Dylan songs than I could ever imagine possible.

What a momentous feat of construction!

Solving it was fun but nothing like the laugh that the instruction gave. With our surname I was spoiled for choice – shall I opt for the conventional roosters or go for something really disgusting, like a couple of heaps of dung (2nd definition)?

I’m told there are other meanings of cocks, but my innocent eye skims over those.

I hope John Green sends Twin copies of all the entries and he and Twin have as good a laugh perusing them as we have had creating them.

In my note to Twin and John Green I suggested that they could be displayed at the Listener Dinner – perhaps I shall find out later today.

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