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Listener Crossword 4748 XPS by Karla

Posted by gillwinchcombe on 4 Mar 2023

I’m behind again with my posts! Thanks to Karla for this timely reminder of Gregor Mendel and his work. I hope I got the artwork right – I’ve noted the title and Mendel’s work and ensured each pod contains 2 crossed peas. The expression “as alike as 2 peas in a pod” comes to mind.

Other (unintended I’m sure) traps into which I fell include

  1. 1ac SALAAM – to greet or bid giving O from bod
  2. 31dn ACES are aircraftmen, thus erks from Eros, also O
  3. 33dn POP is a song, giving A from sang

Luckily I realised that “draw pods around poos” wasn’t quite what was needed!

Good spot on GREEN and congratulations to Karla on squeezing a decent amount of thematic material into the grid. PISUM SATIVUM was a nice touch, being the same length as GREGOR MENDEL. Confession: I didn’t spot all those peas until I came to the endgame: 0/10 for  observation! Thanks for a lovely puzzle!.


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