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Listener 4751 Instruction by Oyler

Posted by gillwinchcombe on 10 Mar 2023

Well, I’m totally in awe of Oyler’s ability to produce a puzzle like this. What an amazing feat of construction, even allowing for the unchanging digital sums and products, and the palindromes. I think that whatever talents we solvers must call upon to reach a solution pale into insignificance when set against the skills Oyler must have employed to set it.

Instruction for me is among the very best of the numerical puzzles that I’ve encountered since I embarked on my Listener journey – which started with numericals. It provided a steady solve, with no slog; even 20ac, which looked as though it could be tedious, was easily resolved with the help of 9ac, which enabled me to get 18dn.

I even impressed myself by finding an error at 13ac when I reversed the entry; another error at 3dn showed me I had written in the original entry for 3ac incorrectly. I was pleased that I could diagnose and correct the error without starting again!

Thanks Oyler for a great puzzle


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