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Listener 4754: Pax Humana by Opsimath

Posted by vaganslistener on 31 Mar 2023

The write up in the Times of the Listener Crossword and Dinner (which was a great succeess IMHO BTW) hopefully encouraged a few new folk to try it out the following week, and if so an Opsimath puzzle was their perfect introduction. At the easier end of the spectrum but beautifully constructed, with a set of straightforward clues complicated by the well-handled misprints in the definitions to add spice and stop it being a walk-over. A well-known and sympathetic theme completed the picture. And it’s a pangram, which will have warmed the setter’s heart.

The theme was a good one for a newbie, something everyone will remember but will be glad to have the chance to go bcak and look up the details too. it would have been very easy just to have the names and highlight those, but creating the (sort) of rtocket shape in the middle saying APOLLO ELEVEN was a lovely extra touch.

Opsimath’s puzzles sometimes lull even experienced solvers into a false sense of security and see all-corrects toppled, so here’s hoping …

Many thanks to Opsimath – and to all the Listener team that brings these things to press.


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