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Listener 4755 Self-contained by Woracle

Posted by gillwinchcombe on 13 Apr 2023

That was great thanks Woracle – nicely accessible dingbats in a relatively gentle puzzle. Stand-out clues for me were

  • 14ac LIAT One stops chat, interrupted by taxi reversing in traffic jam (TAILBACK) – smooth surface reading
  • 24ac ESTEEM Honour members 19, 20 and 13, literally (though for a while I thought literally was an extra word): S, T, M – clever!
  • 31ac PHONICS Handset devices with chip installed for electronic method of teaching – sent me down an e-learning rabbit hole

My favourite dingbat and the one that took longest to parse was

  • 16dn IGOLHP Element from combustion lost, hoping to be reprocessed (PHLOGISTON) – PHLOGI S to N – inspired!

Solving the dingbats was easier than finding the 8 extra words! Maybe the puzzle could have been called GBDATS?


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