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Listener 4756 Soldier On … by Demoniacal

Posted by gillwinchcombe on 14 Apr 2023

Very often, when the subject of a Listener crossword is a particularly obscure piece of literature, the endgame presents an almost insurmountable challenge to the non-literary solver. However, Soldier On… yielded its theme with gratifying ease – and the help of google.

I very much enjoyed the extra letters/swapped grid positions device. I used the fact that I knew that wordplay for 26ac had to contain J, the only unidentified missing letter (apart from P which was genuinely missing) to parse POP-UP – of course, pawn was not P but POP and bound was JUMP. Nice one.

I don’t think I’ll read Woyzeck but I’m glad Demoniacal introduced us to it.

The clue that made me smile was 11dn (which migrated to 29dn) MESE Demoniacal roughness, fundamental for Orpheus. It sent me into the underworld, which I suspect is what you intended.

Another easy one for John Green to mark! Thanks, Demoniacal


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