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Listener 4757 Order, Order! by Dolos

Posted by gillwinchcombe on 21 Apr 2023

My favourite Listener crosswords are those that bring a smile to my face, and Order, Order! certainly did that.

Undoubtedly it helped that after solving only 21 of the 36 clues, I decided to tackle the message. I hit gold when I managed to reconstruct “clues” and “normal”. Helpful? Absolutely!

From there, everything fell into place and with crossing letters to assist , I solved the remaining clues.

Clues varied from the gentle to the distinctly tricky – MAYING (One of Scots breaks leg, whirling for (eg) dances around pole) took some parsing; and GNARRED (Protuberance-covered fish catches arriving in wake of first of nerka) was tricky to get into, simply because there are so many fish to choose from.

Delightful fishy fare for poisson d’avril, thanks Dolos / Kea.


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